Smudge Archive
is NOT a membership site!

Gasp! EEK! Say it ain't so!  Can't - it's true.  NO MEMBERSHIPS.

But...but...but...'s simple - it's a one time buy.  That means that you buy it - you've got 30 days to download it - and it's a done deal.  See?  Simple!

Uh... okay. But... how... you get it?  Easy - purchase online and you get access for 30 days to download it ALL.  Or just flip through the pages online for the full thirty days.

Uh... okay.  So what do I get?  30 days access to the SMUDGE ARCHIVE of your choice for $30.  Add $10 to it and we'll send you a CD as well (but you get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS either way)!

If you are a member of SBC or any of our sister sites you are eligible for a substantial MEMBER DISCOUNT.  Details are on the order page.